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    We regard it as our task and responsibility to work cautiously with planet
    Earth's precious resources. For us, sustainable development means to
    live and work sustainably.

    By energy efficiency, we do not mean pure "energy saving", but rather
    the use of energy-efficient technology, with the aim of achieving the
    greatest possible benefits for our customers.



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    Tornados in front of Mallorca

    The greatest risk in our time, ref. to the World Economic Forum  2019  are  „extreme weather events“.
     On 20th of september ,  a lot of people all over the world joined climate  demonstrations to show the political leaders what to do.
    And the nature demonstrates her power by unusual tornados in the mediterranean sea.
    Source: WEF, 2019

    Global afforestation will store huge quantity of CO2 - most effective activity against global warming 

     A study of ETH Zurich ( Crowther Lab ) shows that there is enough necessary land area on our earth to store 2/3 of the carbon dioxide produced by mankind since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The land area  must have the size of the USA, to have an idea of the volume.
    The afforestation is to be done in only 6 huge nations, e.g. Canada and Russia. As the growing process needs time we must start immediately.
    Source: Science magazine, July 2019
    Picture: Gavin Kelman



    Fires in Alaska and Siberia are raging faster and harder than ever this year. An end to the non-lit fires is not yet in sight.

    Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung, July 2019


    "It's our turn" is the title of the new Club of Rome report, published in 2018.


    FACTOR 5

    Club of Rome: Scientific literature "Sustainability"



    • 1909

      Formation of the company Waldschütz by Carl Waldschütz. Subject matter was business with solid fuels and products for agriculture.

    • The energy market was revised in the course of economic recovery. Complete Service by the company Waldschütz: >> Building services >> Delivery of fuel oil

    • Consistent implementation of energy saving possibilities and development of customer-specific Solutions.

      • Installation of modern oil and gas heaters
      • Service and maintenance
      • Fuel supply
    • The comprehensive wealth of experience of the past is the basis for competent consulting, installation and support services in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energies. In the third generation, Andreas Waldschütz, trained in energy technology and business administration, has brought the company onto the new course "Energy Efficiency" and "Renewable Energies".


    Invest correctly:
    Commit innovative solutions today for tomorrow.

    Carl Waldschütz founded the company 100 years ago as a banking house. Soon business was expanded to a commercial transaction of fuels. In the global economic crises in 1929 the banking house had no chance without hedge. Many clients thought they had lost money which they had put aside. But Anna Waldschütz, family member of a cigar manufacturer, gave her private asset to many investors out of benevolence. 

    Today’s director Andreas Waldschütz, trained in energy technology and business economics, sets on environment advantages consequently with a new course of energy-efficiency and regenerative energy. 
    This is why the core values of Waldschütz are ethics, responsibility, resource efficiency, intensive management of innovation as well as efficient and effective acting.

    Learn more (PDF-Press information in German language)


    Energy Efficiency

     Waldschütz Cogeneration


    Take an apple, take a bite and throw out the rest. This is the contemporary engineering of the great power plants, no matter if they produce the electricity with carbon or nuclear. More than two thirds of the applied energy remains unused.

    This looks different with the cogeneration: The apple gets eaten completely. Why ? Block heat and power plants  achieve the applied energy almost completely.

    Electric current producing heating system

    The microgas turbine is a new development in this field: Exhaust gas by combustion will be transformed in rotatory motion. The generator takes this energy and transforms it in electric current.

     Waldschuetz Galileo Hexis Quer

    Fuel Cell

    Fuel cell technologie, a brand new energy for a global energy economy. Heat and power from fuel cells: compelling advantages.

    It is supposed that this “Clean Electricity” will become up to the year 2020 an important player in the transforming process for a new energy age.

    Family Home:

    An electricity producing heating system with power in the range of 1 to 2 kW electric is providing a low-energy consumption house merely total with energy. The energy suppliers has only to care for the remaining demand.

    In the case of an old house, we need a supplement traditional heater for the very cold days in winter.

    Retired homes, sport facilities, hotels:

    In the case of heat need in sommer we recomend a modulating plant in the range of 10 to 100 kW electric. As an result, the operating hours will encrease and the degree of efficiency is very high. There are support programs in different countries of the world.


    Solar Cooling

     Sonnenuntergang Solar-Cooling

    Solar Cooling

    We are developping the „Solar Cooling Technology“ in several countries situated in the hot belt of our earth, with very high solar radiation.

    For primary energy input, we take a large field equipped with solar concentrator units. The hot steam in the pipe system  provides input energy for an absorption chiller – and the result is climatisation for large buildings as hotels, shopping malls etcetera.

    This green technology is able to substitute coal fired and nuclear power plants – climate change does not wait!


    Renewable Energy

     Solarflower Team


    Besides the conversion of the solar radiation into heat, sun energy can get transformed into electricity: This use is called Photovoltaics. The technology is based on a physical effect that certain types of semiconductor convert light into electricity directly. The heart of the component is the solar cell, which has as basic material silicium for almost all produced modules worldwide.


    Solar Heat

    Conversion of solar radiation into heat is called “solar heat”. The engineering principal is well known: Sunlight incidents onto a dark object, which is warming up. The absorber ( a black plate made of copper and aluminium ) in the solar collector, is held into the sunlight. It absorbs the radiation and gets warm.

     Walschütz PV-Nachführsystem Winter

    Photovoltaics tracking systems

    Intelligently controlled solar power systems provide a clear advantage for a fast return on investment in comparison to systems in a fixed installation. There are single-axis and dual-axis systems depending on the individual location of the investment.

     Waldschuetz Solaranlage Hohentwiel Singen

    Photovoltaics classical static systems

    These systems in a fixed installation you can find everywhere in the world. If you take high quality modules, whitch have a balanced cost-performance ratio, then you will have a long-term attractive investment. Several states offer government subvention and local benifits for these solar systems.



    • Cogeneration in an Administration Building, Stuttgart

    • Cogeneration in a private home

    • Solar Photovoltaic System Singen

    • Adsorption chiller, realisation in a residential building

    • Silent Cooling, realisation on an hotel roof

    • Cogeneration Engine, realisation in a hospital buidling


    Social responsibility

     Waldschütz soziale Verantwortung Kinder

    Social responsibility

    The mentality in industrialized countries: “I am fine, I do not care climate or environmental problems in the world” is very popular.

    If you invest in green energy then you will spare money long-term. This money should be invested in infrastructure projects in development countries and in environmental projects.

    Flash flood and extreme weather situations appear more and more in the last years.

    We have the responsibility to care climate problems in the world.

    If WE do not rescue our planet, Who will do it ?




    Energy Efficiency Consultant/ Auditor